Best option to help you get better in League of Legends

Compositions and like what champions you actually pick are going to matter when you play since it should provide a good amount of everything – offense,defense, scaling etc. You need to have some kind of awareness in a general level of the game and how it works, because all of your choices and stuff that you are going to do in the game have reasons behind them. If you don’t have a reason behind doing something then you shouldn’t really be doing it.


Roaming and looking for opportunities LOL Tier List

Aside from laning phase and playing it well, roaming does mean a lot more since with successful roams and ganks you get your teammates ahead and usually they’re going to be able to play around the lead they get and start to carry the game at this level.

The Best option to help you get better in League of Legends and also keeping yourself up to date with the big patches

Tier list have been a part of League of Legends for as long as the game has existed. But not all have been the best. Personally, I have been using this one for quite some time now to gain some nice results in game because I know what to expect every time I enter a new patch as it shows me which champions are optimal right now and also gives information why allowing me to think about my bans more accurately as well.

Be smart and confident in your game

Something that is seen in most games in League of Legends is how people like to play passively in laning phase not going for trades when possible and often just missing the strengths their champion provides against their counterpart. This is done perfectly only in the very highest of ranks. So first of all, you need to start trading as much as possible and play pro-actively in the game.


Respect your enemy


As you climb, your mistakes will cause deaths which will cost a lot more since the enemy will know how to utilise to the most efficiency and get as much as possible while you are still stuck with a black and white screen. You also need to stick to your strong champions and not try to diverse into other champions and roles unless you can perform with the champion with the same prowess. This is commonly seen in players when they reach a good enough rank with a 1 or 2 champion pool and then they start playing random stuff because they think they’re amazing now since they’ve reached high ranking. But in reality, that’s not how it works, yes you’re high rank and yes you’re good at the game but that definitely doesn’t mean you’re good at every single champion in the game, it only means you’re good at what got you here.


Basing at the right time


Back timings become crucial in the laning phase because people will start to punish you so you lose experience and gold if you back to the base at the wrong time.