List of Useful and Powerful D&D 5e Spells

Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition is all about magic and there are plenty of spells to use. Here is list of some of the most useful and powerful D&D 5e spells.

Chill Touch D&D

With this spell your target cannot get any hit points until your next turn. You can use this spell when you find an enemy is on the ropes or when you are fighting with a similar creature.

Guiding Bolt

The damage of this spell is very solid. After one attack you can get an advantage on your next attack.

Bones of the Earth

With this spell you can create pillars below six or more spaces and can damage to the creatures in those spaces. If targeted, these spells can be destroyed. For status effect and battlefield control, this spell is great.

Spiritual Weapon

With this spell you can get an additional attack on every turn and utilize spell casting Ability for damage and attack. You can use this spell with the Spirit Guardian Spell in the long combats for additional damage and battlefield control. If you want immediate burst damage, then this spell is not that much useful.

Counter spell D&D

This spell, as a reaction, counters a spell cast automatically within 60 feet of the same spell slot. This spell is very useful in this edition of D&D.

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With this spell, you can put your enemies to sleep for one minute and no concentration is needed to do so. This spell is excellent to use against mooks or when in the 2d or 3rd round when you reduced the hit points of enemies.

Charm Person

With this spell, one humanoid or Wisdopm Save is charmed for one hour. They can know that they were charmed when the spell ends. This spell is very useful in combats. Also you can use this spell to bypass someone.

Absorb Elements

This spell allows you to resist a single energy type until your next turn starts. You get a little more damage on your next melee attack. If you are a mid-high level spell caster, then this spell is very useful defensive spell for you.

Animal Shapes

This spell grants a limited wild shape version to all the willing creatures that are at a short distance. This spell can be utilized efficiently if used on a large no. of Animated dead.

Armor of Agathys

This spell adds temporary hit points for one hour and there is no need of concentration. When any creature attacks on you with melee attack, also take same amount of Cold damage.

Minor Illusion

With this spell you can create a minor illusion within thirty feet and you can trick or distract enemies with this spell by remaining hidden.

Animate Object

This spell allows you to control ten or more creatures for up to 1 minute. You can command all these controlled creatures as a Bonus Action.


This spell allows you to create a duplicate on any humanoid or beast. The duplicate will have all the statistics and abilities of the original humanoid or beast. This duplicate obeys all your command until it destroyed.