How To Program Verizon Fios Remote

In order to access the incredible features of the Verizon Fios remote and fully utilize its capabilities, it is essential to program it for your specific device. Once successfully programmed, you will gain complete control over all the essential functions of your TV. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on programming the Verizon Fios remote and its corresponding codes. Following these precise programming instructions is essential for seamless connectivity between your device and the Verizon Fios remote control.

Programming Instructions: You can program the Verizon Fios remote control in code entry and automatic code search methods. We have explained both methods to program the remote control. Follow these simple instructions below to program the remote control.

Manual method to program the Verizon Fios remote:

To program the Verizon Fios remote in the manual method, you must enter a code assigned for the device in the code list.

  1. Turn on the TV and STB manually to connect the Verizon Fios remote.
  2. Find the corresponding remote code assigned to your device.
  3. Locate the remote control towards the device and simultaneously press the “OK” and “0” buttons until the RED light indicator flashes twice and stays solid.
  4. Next, enter the code on the remote control. The Red light indicator will flash twice and remains lit after entering the code. After this, press the “CH+” button continuously until the TV turns off. If your TV responds slowly, when you press the “CH+” button, press it with a gap of one second until the TV turns off.
  5. Once completing the above steps, turn back on the device using the “POWER” button on the remote control. Check the Volume, mute and other functions to test the remote control. Press the “OK” button on the remote to save the code if all the buttons work.

Note: If the remote doesn’t work, try another code to program the remote control by following the exact programming instructions from step 1.

Auto-code search method to program the Version Fios remote:

If you can’t program the remote using the manual method or the device name unavailable in the code list, try the auto-code search method to program the Verizon Fios remote. You don’t need to enter the code on the remote. The Verizon remote control will find the code stored in the remote database.

  1. Switch on your TV and the STB manually and aim the remote control towards the device.
  2. Press the “OK” and “Fios” keys simultaneously until the RED light blinks and remains on.
  3. After this, press and hold the Play/Pause button until the device turns off. The RED light blinks several times while the remote sends the codes to the TV.
  4. Release the “Play/Pause” button after turning off the TV.
  5. Turn back on the device using the “POWER” button on the remote. Test the remote control buttons, such as Volume, channels, numbers and more. Press the “OK” button to save the code if all the buttons work.

How to Program FiOS Remote to Turn TV On and Off

After programming the Fios remote using a valid code, you can use its “POWER” button to turn on and turn off your TV. There are no specific programming instructions to turn on/turn off the device.

How Do I Get My FiOS Remote to Control My TV Input?

Using this feature in the set-top box, you can avoid no video and no signals appearing on the display. As well as after enabling the input features that avoid blank screen errors on your TV. Usually, these features are activated by the manufacturer. If not, take Fios remote control; press the “MENU” button to enter the settings. In the settings, find “Audio and Video,” under the Video settings, enable the TV input control.

After this, you need to turn these features on your TV also. To do this:

  1. Connect HDMI to your TV and set-top box.
  2. Use your TV remote and find the settings in the “MENU.”
  3. After this, select your TV’s “TV input control HDMI-CEC” option.
  4. Turn on these features under the settings.

After setting up these features in your set-top box and TV, you can enjoy uninterrupted video and audio on your TV.

How to Program My FiOS Voice Remote to Control TV Volume

You can easily program the Fios voice remote for your TV. The TV and the set-top box should be connected with HDMI and be turned on.

  1. Aim the Fios voice remote at the device.
  2. Hold the “Play/Pause” and “O” keys at once until the blue LED flashes. After these releases, both buttons.
  3. The blue LED will stop blinking when the Fios voice remote is connected to the TV.

After this, go to the TV settings. Under the “Voice control,” select the Fios TV voice remote. Select the “program voice.” Select the “automatic setup” option. When you do this, the TV will show you a success message.

What Is the TV Key on FiOS Remote

The Fios is the brand name of the remote, and the Fios button on the remote is the “SETUP” button when you want to program the remote control with a TV, press and hold this key and other keys as mentioned in the programming instructions.

What Is the O Button on FiOS Remote

It is also the “SETUP” button to program the Fios remote. You need to press this button when along with the “OK” button when programming the remote in the automatic code search method. This “O” button turns the remote into learning mode.

What Is the D Button on the FiOS Remote?

The D button is the Dashboard button on the remote. Using this button, you can see information on your TV screen. However, you don’t need this button to control your TV.

How to Reset Verizon FiOS Remote

To reset your Verizon Fios remote, press “OK” and number “2” simultaneously.

The RED led will blink two times. Now, enter 9-0-0 on the remote using the number keypad. The RED led will flash three times and turns off when the remote comes to its original settings.


Fios remote programming is much more straightforward, but the “SETUP” buttons vary from one model to another model remote. You will need to recognize the buttons correctly before programming the Fios remote. As well as make sure the TV and set-top box connects with the HDMI before programming your Fios remote control.